Weekend Courses 2021
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September 11/12 : November 20/21
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Textile based Courses
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Peg looms and weaving sticks
Students will start by making a bag while learning about the warp and weft and trying out a variety of materials. Later they will learn to make patterns and pictures using hatching and shading.
What if.... less is more
Working within the restraints of simple materials and limited colour combinations let work grow and unfold in an exploratory workshop creating an array of surfaces to work with mixed media and stitch.
Indigo and potassium dyeing,
printing and bleaching

Learn a little about the history of one of the oldest dyes known to man and how to set up an indigo vat for use during the day. Using traditional tie dye, folding, clamping and resist techniques you will create a range of beautiful blue fabrics and threads.
Last updated June 9th 2021
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