Autumn 2020
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Saturday 14th November - Sunday 15th November
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Liz Dixon.

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Saturday 14th November to Sunday 15th November

Liz is an approved Powertex Trainer and under her expert tuition, you will be taken through all the steps to create your beautiful & unique weather resistant sculpture. You will learn lots of tips & techniques throughout the day including:- Simple armature building from everyday objects; Material selection; Dry wrap technique; Wet wrap technique; Mixing pigments; Adding colour to the sculpture using dry brushing techniques. Where possible, the aim is to use recycled textiles & found objects in our workshops. If you have a piece of natural fibre material that you wish to incorporate into your work, then please feel free to bring this along with you & I can advise if it is suitable to use.
There is a material cost per person of £15
Sculpture Liz creates beautiful & textural sculpture using recycled objects & textiles in conjunction with Powertex Art Supplies. Her art is inspired by the recycled materials around her - some found, some donated, some sourced for a specific task. Textiles & texture are the common themes running through each unique piece, with designs growing organically as each theme is developed.


Course Cost for 2 days £ 94
Including a Non Refundable Deposit £ 45.